Welcome to eForest.co.uk. We are one of a depleting number of natural ancient woodlands that is now being sympathetically  managed to preserve it's natural beauty & it's diverse wildlife..

Supported Learning Sustainability program.

A successful pilot scheme in 2011 has helped us make the decision to take more  bookings in this sector.

We are offer a free service for nature lovers recovering from serious illnesses.
This is however subject to availability.

Art workshops at eForest

Whether you want to just relax and paint the scenery, whittle away to make tools, cane or actively take part in a group workshop constructing a sculpture or shelter there will be something for everyone to get creative in the wood. Our craft workshops run from March to October but winter bookings are available for the hardy amongst you upon special request.

In fact the wood is beautiful in the winter too. As long as we have access, we can host a workshop to suit.

What will be on offer over the 12 calendar months?

  • Making and Drawing with Willow Charcoal
  • Whittling tools, Giant Knitting Needles
  • Working with Clay
  • Clay & Plaster Moulds
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Photography
  • Textures, Collage and Frottage
  • Paper Making
  • Organic Jewellery Making
  • Felt Making

Bushcraft Workshops

Ever wanted to try the old fashioned way of lighting a fire by rubbing two sticks together or even trying the Ray Mears style of using flint and magnesium. Our woodland bushcraft courses are for all levels of ability.

  • BBQ Charcoal Making
  • Fire Building and Lighting
  • Shelter/Bender Building
  • Clay/Earth Oven construction
  • Bird Box Making
  • Insect House Making
  • Basic Survival

Woodland Activities for All

  • Sensory trail
  • Bird Watching & Identification
  • Animal Track Identification and Plaster Casting
  • Pond/Stream Dipping for wildlife
  • Bug Catching & Identification
  • Tree Identification
  • Paper Making
  • Clay / Earth Oven Building
  • Shelter / Bender Building
  • Working with Clay
  • Whittling with wood
  • Drawing & Painting


P1030073A mixed woodland consisting of mainly English Oak, Ash, Hazel & Hornbeam with a scattering of Japanese larch, Western Hemlock, Wild Service, Hawthorn & Various Pines. 
The diverse environment, the varying elevations & the presence of a year round water source make it an extremely attractive home for a broad range of wildlife. 
During the warmer months there is an area of diverse vegetation, this is home and a nursery to a variety of butterflies, bees, dragon flies and damsel files to name but a few species of insects that thrive on the woodland edge.

The woodland Habitat is a permanent sanctuary for british and migrant wildlife. Early May brought the sound of the declining Cuckoo which migrates from Africa and in the summer came the beautiful song of our native Nightingale. The wood is home and a breeding ground for an array of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects as well as a variety of fungi, trees & wild flowers.

Mammals The graceful, shy and frequently spotted Roe Dear, Red Foxes, a variety of Bats, Voles, Pigmy and Common Shrew and the Yellow Necked Wood Mouse to name but a few.

Birds Buzzard, Tawny Owl, Wren, Woodcock, Wood Pigeon, Tree creepers & Woodpeckers, Pheasant & many more species.

Tiny creatures The wood is a haven for a host of important insects and other small creatures from Arachnids to the harmless Wood Wasp.

Reptiles Adder, Lizards & Grass snakes are present in some areas but are very elusive.

Fungi, lichens & Mosses The wood is awash with many fungi & beautiful mosses. The terrain is undulating, the flora varied allowing for a huge array throughout the year.

Our knowledge and expanding skills are used to make your visit to the eForest wood, a memorable, fun and an informative experience. Whether you visit for the day or stay on a residential our friendly staff will welcome you with refreshments and a full health and safety briefing. Our activities and workshops are aimed for both family fun and individual enjoyment.



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